Friday, October 16, 2009

Thank You!

I would like to announce that we have finally started accepting direct payment through Pay Pal, I have put our most commonly ordered items on the direct order list. Please only use this if you are Ordering out of state and need your item shipped. Paypal includes shipping in your final price. If you would like to pick up your item from me please continue to use cash or check.

Thank you so much for making my small business such a success during the first 90 days! I would like to announce a special Thank You Promotion that will be beginning on Nov 1st and will last until for the full month of November. Buy one tutu at full price get one for 1/2 price.

Until then please enjoy any Halloween Tutu at a discounted price, please take 5.00 off every Halloween Tutu you order. (Please do not use the pay pal direct ordering for this discount)

I would also like to announce that due to high demand during this Halloween season, Tutu's are taking me about an extra day to make. I make every tutu for your child by hand and I am overwhelmed by the responses I have received.

Thank You!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Build Your Own TuTu:

0-3mo One Color/Two Colors: 22.00 Each Additional 3.00

3-6mo One Color/Two Colors: 22.00 Each Additional: 3.00

6-12mo One Color/Two Colors: 22.00 Each Additional: 3.00

12-18mo One/Two Colors 25.00 Each Additional: 3.00

18-24mo one/two colors 25.00 Each Additional: 3.00

2t One/two Colors 32.00 Each Additional: 3.00

3t One/Two Colors 32.00 Each Additional: 3.00

4t One/Two Colors 32.00 Each Additional: 3.00

5t One/Two Colors 38.00 Each Additional: 3.00

6 One/Two Colors 38.00 Each Additional: 3.00

7 One/ Two Colors 38.00 Each Additional: 3.00

To make any Tutu a Dress please add an additional 10.00

Adult Tutu's prices vary depending on size, length and colors. Starting at 45.00

Specialty Tutu's:

Rainbow Bright: Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue and Purple

London (Pretty in Pink): Dark Pink, Light Pink and White with Large Bow

Lola: Brown, Red, Double Layered with Large Bow

Pixie: Light Pink, Light Green and Light Brown with Glitter

Sports Fanatic: 2 Team Colors and Bow

Price: 25.00 (0-12mo) 28.00 (12-24mo) 32.00 (2t) 35.00 (3t) 38.00 (4t)

To make any specialty Tutu Couture please add (Any 2 couture items) 5.00 (any 3) 7.00 (any 4) 9.00

Halloween Tutu's: Available until Oct 24th.

Lil Pumpkin: Orange with Green Bow (20.00, 25.00, 28.00, 32.00, 35.00)

Lil Pumpkin Dress: Orange floor length tube dress with Green trim and Green halter

(Starting at 18 Mo. 38.00, 45.00 and 50.00)

Lady Bug: Red and Black with Black Bow (25.00,28.00, 32.00, 35.00, 38.00)

Witch: Purple, Orange and Black (25.00, 28.00, 32.00, 35.00, 38.00)

Additional Embellishments:

Set of Matching Hair Bows: 5.00

Bows: SM: 2.00 MD: 2.5 LG 3.00

Glitter: 0-12Mo:2.50 12-24Mo: 3.00 2t-4t: 5.00

Adjustable Waist: 5.00

Couture: Ribbons, Flowers, Rhinestones, Stars, Hearts, Knotting, and Knee Length (Pick any 2): 7.00 (Pick any 3):9.00 (Pick any 4): 12.00

Floor Length Depending on complexity

***All of our Tutu's are made from 100% USA made Nylon which is naturally flame resistant ***